Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Mungkin nanti saya berikan hadiah kepada peserta yang menurut saya memang tidak sekedar bertarung SEO saja melainkan juga benar benar berkampanye Cegah Satwa Punah. Penilaiannya menjadi subyektifitas saya tetapi tetap terukur dari niat...
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  1. child memories
    word for today "If one day" Had the sweetest dream last night perhaps for now. Though dream is way beyond the reality still saya suka. My sleep kind of peaceful though maybe because I read those ayat ayat suci. Saya ada cerita to share with. On my way back home I went back recalling the past again. Back then I used to active and now not! iatah getting plump everyday. I used to play any sort of thing that boys did flying kites soccer with my cousins fishing. Once I caught this qui...
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  2. mundane
    The performance was ok and the thing that glued me to my seat is the part that showcased the harimau aka cicak aka katak.. haha after which the galz hang out for a while to plan the our next outing.. sentosa museum zoo...
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  3. Watching seo contest in indonesia
    Still around in the seo world today is my first start joining another seo contest which is my 2nd contest actually. This contest titled cegah satwa punah which is held in indonesia. As member of the forum I should participate with this contest since seo is almost everything. If google say backlink is the most important thing well I admit it that absolutely correct. Since at the seocontest2008 I m far away at 4 pages of google. Well I think in this cegah satwa punah competition I ll...
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  4. Mother Instinct
    Well.. honestlyi cant wait to go back to Miri with baby Sarah. tension gile kat sinii just want to be bonded with my baby the way it should be.. ni xcome onlet me learn okay.. bile lagishe's my baby.. not yours and never will be.. jgn asik nak carik silap n dont ever say that i'm unfit to be a motherSometimes aku rasa aku nak putar blk masa pregnant ngan Sarah. her.. in my belly. makes me so happy sbb dia sentiasa ada dgn aku all the time.. sentiasa communicate with me thru her...
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  5. its overr!
    You're really upset who is the first person you went to? mostly being alone is what used to do If someone liked you right now would you want them to tell you? dont bother. coz the last person who did dat to me i ended getting hurt he was happily doing something else. so yeah ' Does it matter to you if your boyfriend girlfriend smokes? not soo.. Can you do a split? but i practice almost everyday to get it perfect Do you get along better with guys or girls? Both...
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  6. Sonic
    In honor of this media from the title is flooding the internets and we continue sega . Related sites sega playstation nintendo video game xbox. Other nice sites eye surgery cegah satwa punah cegah satwa punah...
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