Friday, May 16, 2008

What happened the recent week

c Yati yg pakai tux tu Dato'Hamdilah and baju itamtu aku nd knal hahaha. Taken at Wasai Wang Kadir. aku diri atas air x ah hahaha. took this picture by myself heehe sanggup ku turun keair kn mengambar binatang ani haha ndku tau namanya....
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  1. about us part II
    llamas tuh binatang cam unta la tucinbtw.. die xsuke ok. D 42. Do you have a cut on your pointer finger? ggt jari sayang adoitatit lah 43. Where is your cell phone? me ingat nk pki 1 hp jgk la bnyk2...
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  2. Okay back. Am eating banana ah sdapppppp Okay lame. Tak perlu uh
    Oh bising siol psl ada binatang je jerit "EEEEEEEEEEEE". Hhahahahah then after that went to Art room. Walao boleh dehydrated siols. FT period was next. I got a certificate for demonstrating the school value of HUMANITY....
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  3. 12 Ekor Binatang
    16 05 2008 Friday a Rescue the tadpoles! This morning we saw some tadpoles outide the fish pond. Hmmm . how could they got out? Anyway they could not survive without water. Thus Teacher yap and myself rescued them and put them into...
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  4. 7 Wonders
    BUT its not love okay. 5. Pedas er is better. 6. Many friends but have no one she could call her soulmate. 7. Paranoid. fragile. softhearted. anti commitment. 7 things that frightened Taz 1. Ulat sampah. Euww! 2. binatang yg bersisik....
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