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salam n hello there. its already wednesday in just a few more days hols will come to an end i'll be goin back to skewl again. BORING sshhhh!!! ur supposed to love skewl la yana. aiya! neways b4 class start let me share wif u guys one of my fave songs currently being 1 on my playlist. ngeeee. enjoy! KUBERMAIN DENGAN MINIT MENUNGGU FANTASI KAPMU MENCARI SUARA BISU BILA BULAN HAMPIRKU TAPI KU BIMBANG SEMUA HILANGNYA DARI MATA AKAN KUCARI KEMANA MANIFESTO KU punah...
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    The final purpose of this research is to find out the appropriate Bahasa Indonesia teaching model for elementary students in Enggano island in north Bengkulu regency which enable to protect the Enggano language which is threatened extinct. This research has been planned for three years multi years . The first year of this research was to 1 describe the bilingualism condition of Enggano island society 2 the attitude of Enggano island society and 3 identify the Enggano s societ...
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  2. Saturday May 10 2008 8 19 AM
    Saturday May 10 2008 8 19 AM Assalamualaikum. Kum apa? Kumpulan data? Hahaha. Lom tido gik tok since last night. Well last night DVD session agik. We watched CUCI a movie by Hans Isaac starred by himself Afdlin Shauki Awie and AC Mizal. Lucu lawak funny hilarious bengap semua la ada cita tok. Pa jak la polah cita hal cuci cermin. And ada competition about window wiping cleaning. Kakakakaka. I have no idea why I'm still awake. My friends are still here sleep over more like stay...
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  3. Phone sanga 14
    Advaitadas "Shankacarya is accepted by many as a closet Vaishnava though he was publicly the topmost jnani. He ended his famous sermon 'Moha Mudgar' with the verse 'bhaja govindam bhaja govindam bhaja govindam nanu mudha mate. " Bhakta "Some devotees say that that Govinda refers to his Guru not to Krishna. " Advaitadas "No that cannot be. Just three verses earlier he prayed 'pahi murare' "oh Murari save me!" is his Guru then also named Murari? This is from Sadhu Baba's publication of Moh...
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  4. Sumadhva Vijaya 4. 21
    Sumadhva Vijaya 4. 21 February 21st 2008 xaNena kaupInadharo nijaM paTaM vidArya he tAta kuruShva sAhasam. itImamuktvA prabhurabravItpunah shubhAntarAyaM na bhavAMshcharediti.. 21.. padacChedaH xaNena kaupInadharaH nijaM paTaM vidArya he tAta kuruShva sAhasaM. iti imaM uktvA prabhuH abravIt punah shubhAntarAyaM na bhavAn charet iti. anvayaH prabhuH xaNena nijaM paTaM vidArya kaupInadharaH san he tAta sAhasaM kuruShva iti imaM uktvA punah bhavAn shubhAntarAyaM na charet iti abravI...
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  5. Animal Sacrifice
    Animal Sacrifice Many learned Vedic commentators of India of the past and present agree that animal sacrifices in India are true and actual. Shankara and Ramanuja who were recognized as religious leaders of the past both recognize the practice of animal sacrifices in ancient time. In India during the Vedic period saints observed Nara Medhya Yagnam Cow body sacrifice and Ashwa Medhya Yagnam Horse body sacrifice . The great scholar P. B. Kane has written volumes of books on Indian ani...
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  6. deforestation in Indonesia
    Introduction Indonesia is a rich country. It has many natural resources such as natural gas timber copper. Besides it also has botanical and zoological diversity which spread in almost tropical forests in all parts of Indonesia. The total of tropical forest in Indonesia is about 10 of total amount of tropical forests in the world. 1 Nevertheless there are significantly large areas of forest that are being lost year by year. In Sumatra million of hectares of forest have been cleared...
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  7. Navaratri Pujan Vidhi
    Then perform Atma Puja for self purification. This is done by the chanting of the following mantras OM APAVITRAH PAVITRO VASARVAVASTHAM GATOAPI VA YAH SMRAIT PUNDARIKA AKSHAM SAVAHYABHYANTARAH SHUCHIH. Explanation Whoever contemplates upon Vishnu gets automatically purified both mentally and physically. This is followed by Achman drinking of holy water after accepting it in the palm of the hand which helps to wash off the sins committed by action thought and speech. The mantra...
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